Friday, July 30, 2010

Shredding on a tank.

I have wanted to do this scene since for a couple years Its just been stuck in my head. Now I feel more confident in my abilities so I endevored to do it. I will ink it soon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Info bomb art peice David Rockefeller and Friends.

This isn't quite done. I'm still not sure what to put for a background. I wasn't going to put one at first but my girlfriend about dared me to so now i have too.
Top to bottom left to right we have. David Rockefeller, Ben Bernanke, Tony Hayward, and John Holdren. Please if you are reading this educate yourself about these guys. They are waging open war against humanity. They are ecological financial terrorist of the worst kind. Only an educated public can stand up against these people. Just take some time to research some David Rockefeller and John Holdren quotes regarding eugenics.
This is Info warfare, artist musicians whatever you are who ever where ever. Lift your head take some time to do the research on these men then make your own assessment then take your stand and help others to understand.